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TriggerMesh is a multicloud serverless management platform built on Kubernetes and Knative. Our library of event triggers enables hybrid cloud and workload portability.

How are you managing your serverless functions?

Cloud-native applications are comprised of microservices are event-driven and single-purpose. This new design pattern in cloud computing requires a set of tools for developers taking advantage of function-as-a-service hosting. TriggerMesh is the best set of tools for these use cases.

TriggerMesh provides a central view of your serverless functions from source control to the cloud they are deployed in. Users get a complete overview of where their functions reside whether it’s Amazon,  Microsoft, Azure, or Google.

For organizations that are heavily into DevOps culture TriggerMesh provides a way to automate the deployment of cloud functions using best practices and security.

TriggerMesh is a cross-cloud event bus that allows triggers to be called from one cloud to another allowing microservices to be deployed on the cloud that makes the most sense for each use case.

Serverless or FaaS your choice


The TriggerMesh cloud is available as software-as-a-service (SaaS) that integrates with your source control (Bitbucket, Gitlab, Github) and provides continuous deployment and integration with your cloud-native applications. 


The TriggerMesh cloud platform can be deployed on-premise to provide functions-as-a-service or in an existing cloud to provide a similar serverless experience as Amazon Lambda or Google Cloud Functions on the infrastructure of your choosing. 

Cloud Portability

To provide true cloud portability TriggerMesh features a cross-cloud event bus to allow serverless functions to be called by triggers on any cloud through things like Apache Kafka messages and Amazon Lamda imports. Additionally, the TriggerMesh platform can publish serverless functions to a variety of cloud infrastructure -- Amazon Lambada, Google Cloud Functions, Knative on premise and many others. 

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How doesTriggerMesh work? 

Source Control Integration

Push function code from the git repos of your choice to the TriggerMesh cloud and integrate with other serverless platforms

Serverless Framework Integration

Utilizes serverless deployment manifest in the repositories containing the function to deploy in a versatile manner

Cost Optimization

Via observability (open tracing in Istio), monitor time spent in functions and render cost budget per function, leading to financial-based development